Virtual Time Capsule from a Grandpa-To-Be

I received some exciting news this week.  My oldest daughter, Natalie, is expecting her first baby sometime in late April or early May.  I immediately wanted to add a blog post that captures my initial reactions, but I made myself sit and think for a few days about what I really wanted to say.

Summer is Ending Too Soon

I spent my Labor Day weekend tending to some yard work that was in major need of attention.  It was really pleasant weather for working outside.  Too Pleasant, really.  The fact that I wasn't baking in the sun is a reminder that the summer of 2010 is coming to a close whether I like it or not.  Soon it'll be time to winterize the Sea-Doo, and break out heavier clothing.  I hate colder weather.Don't get me wrong.  I like the milder, 80-90 degree weather, but it also means that the lake water is MUCH colder and that pretty much ends my riding season.  I suppose I could invest in a shorty wets

Home From Springfield

Despite the fact that I spent most of the week in our hotel room working off of their wireless internet access, it was actually a pretty peaceful and relaxing week for me. Every day pretty much followed the same pattern.Bridget and I would head down to the hotel breakfast, enjoy some eggs and bacon, and then we'd head back to the room so she could get ready for work.

Goodnight, Springfield Missouri

Some of you might already know that I'm spending the week in Springfield, MO, to accompany my wife on some training she's going through for Perkins Restaurant.  Thanks to the web based nature of my job, I'll just be setting up shop in our hotel room and using the wireless internet access to work remotely.  Mucho Thanks to Interworks, Inc. for allowing me that priviledge.We left Stillwater today around 3:30 and had a pretty uneventful trip. About the only sighting of note was a Saleen Mustang near the BOK center in Tulsa, OK.

Reunion Planning - Log Entry #1

I've neglected the new website a bit this week to focus on my 20 year high school reunion in 2011.  Becky Garvin contacted me about helping her recently, and we met for the first time last Saturday to get serious about planning.We started the process by going through all 4 years of yearbooks (1988-1991) and making a master name list of anyone that was ever in our class.  We certainly don't want to exclude anyone, and I figure the more the merrier.  Honestly I didn't graduate there myself.  I transferred to El Reno High School around November of my senior year and graduated from there instea


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